Welcome to the homepage for the Ladies of Faesdall campaign!  I'm hoping to detail everything about the campaign and its setting here…eventually.  Right now, as of December 5, 2014, the Adventure Logs are up to date. The campaign has ended, so there will be no new logs going up for a while. I might consider making this the homepage for all games run in Sylua, but I haven’t decided on that just yet. The wiki is an ongoing work in progress – there are pages and pages of history, most of it making reference to 2nd and 3rd edition crunch.  As it gets updated, it gets entered here.  Finally, I'm in the process of drawing a map of the continent of Sylua using Hexographer.  Part of that map is up to view right now.  If you ever played Basic D&D in the early 80's and had a thing for those colorful hex maps in the Gazetteers, you'll appreciate Hexographer.

 If something is missing, or wrong, or you have a suggestion you'd like to see become a part of Sylua, message me! 

Ladies of Faesdall

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